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Created: 17-03 2007 22:06:35
Online status: 31-03 2007 01:06:08
Address: Yorkshire
Age: 38 years
Partner status: Married
I am here for: Friends
Zodiac Signs:  
Favourite game:
Occupation: Workman
Literature: Weeklies
Music: British pop music, Country, Pop
Movies: Horror, Action
Interests: Sports, Travel, Motor cycles, Hunting and fishing, Movies, Computer, Cars
The open road has a way of bringing oneself to inner peace.
My thoughts are mine and mine alone.
When the day is done and all that you endured throughout your hectic day has passed
It's time to Ride.
As one you ride with your Iron comrade firmly against your soul,
and all that you feel together as you hit the open road.
And only those who ride can truly understand the meaning of Freedom.
And how it calls you with relentless passion.
For it is said, "To Live is to Ride, And to Ride is to Live."
And to all those who have fallen to feel what we feel.
May the day be yours.
In Memory and in Spirit you are remembered.
Ride with me always my friend.
For when it is my time to pass, I know you will be there.

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