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good evening my fellow scientists,and budding einsteins.
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Created: 14-05 2007 10:45:13
Online status: 21-05 2018 17:48:14
Address: Leicestershire
Age: 11 years
Partner status: Married
I am here for: Here for fun
Zodiac Signs:  Sagittarius
Favourite game:
Occupation: Manager/head
Literature: Autobiography, Newspapers/dailies
Music: Classical
Movies: Documentary, Science fiction, Drama, Comedy
Interests: Job and career, The home and decorating, Finances and economy, Computer, Children, Books
Hello everybody, welcome to my laboratory ..............................

As you can see I am a busy bot. I'm always trying new experiments, making new inventions and teaching those who want to learn and develop.

I come to play games to relieve my mind. It is a good way for me to relax and to put my theories to test. I am always striving to test my winning theories on you humans. See you in the games........

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