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Yukon21 Gold

Welcome to Yukon in the 1890's where the gold is lying by the edge of the creek, ready to be picked up!






Welcome to the ripe and ready Fruits themed slot machine, with deliciously fresh mini games and big juicy prizes!


Freecell is an exciting game of solitaire, a lot like 7 Solitaire. One important difference though, is that almost all Freecell games can be solved because strategy and skill are the key to victory!


If you love exotic animals from the jungle or the African savanna, then you will love Zoo. Explore the garden during the day and the night, help feed the sea lions and re-unite animal parents with their babies in the mini games.


Take a trip back to prehistoric times and help the people from the stone age provide food for their village. Rotate the hexagons and form groups of three to make them disappear from the board. There are a total of four different Jackpot Spinners.

Rabbit 2

Guess the rabbits' and the mole's word puzzles and help Mother Hen to gather her eggs in the fun sequel to the classic word game Rabbit. When you have helped Mother Hen gather four eggs, she'll reward you with a Jackpot Spin!

Spider Solitaire

In Spider Solitaire you have to gather suit sequences from ace to king, while also gathering spider parts to get a Jackpot Spin.

Picture Logic

Solve fun logic puzzles with many different sizes and difficulty levels. For every completed puzzle, you earn pearls, which you collect to enable a Jackpot Spin. Create your own puzzles and send them to your friends.

Dice 10,000

Dice 10,000 is a well-known dice game for 1-6 players which involves your willingness to gamble or to collect your current points. Bank your score as often as possible or take risks in order to score even more points.

Mahjong World

Play this exciting version of Mahjong where you travel around in different parts of the world. Collect clues to unlock the safe deposit box and win the many Spigos in the bank. Play the fun mini-games and find the rare parrot babies!


Travel back in time and become a gold digger in Yukon21. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere from the gold rush days.

Make as many series of cards with the sum of 21 as possible.

Garden Wars

Help grandmother keep her garden free of nasty insects. Can you help grandmother produce the best harvest by placing your toys and sweet little elves in postitions, that will repel the attacking insects?

Riddle Island

If you have a thing for riddles, then this is a game for you. The animals on and around the island will show up, once you have opened the chest with the riddle lock. And if you can gather enough mermaids, you'll be rewarded a Jackpot Spin.


Do you enjoy forming words in a criss cross fashion? If so you'll love Crossword. Have fun filling in all the squares and finding the correct magic word that will trigger a Jackpot Spin.


Kasami is an exciting game where you, as a parrot, have to smash moving balls in exotic colours in order to liberate various animals that will help you to a Jackpot Spin.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy yourself with Spigo's fun Jigsaw Puzzle. You decide the difficulty level and motive and you can also upload your own picture and assemble, for instance, a puzzle of your loved ones. You can even share them with other users and friends outside of Spigo.

Fairy Tale

If you love slot machines with lots of minigames, then Fairy Tale is just the game for you! Go on a wonderful trip in Fairy Tale and work together with others to achieve a fantastic Jackpot Spin, while you are playing the many fun minigames.


Guess-a-Sketch is a challenging game where you draw sketches for other players to guess on the basis of your assignment or where you must guess what the other players are drawing. Either way, it's a funny game!


Play Spigo's exciting Mayan ball game! Use canon balls to shoot, hit and smash balls of the same colour. At the same time, you must build a Mayan temple for your Mayan indians from which they can worship their gods and give you a jackpot spin!


Kalah is a fun strategic game where you have to think several steps ahead and make sure that you end up having more balls, called seeds, in your big pit than your opponent.


Play Spigo's President (an entertaining game also known as Asshole). Will you be President and have the privilege of giving out your worst cards to the Asshole, or are you a bottom dweller that must fight its way up from scratch?


If you love to play cards and challenge yourself, then Cassino is just the game for you. Add up cards in order to gather the most cards, make strategic decisions and score the most points.


Play the exciting trick-taking game Hearts with your friends on Spigo! Can you avoid getting any hearts at all and win the game that way, or do you dare to shoot the moon to get a big lead?


Are you into Bridge? Then try Spigo's strategic game Whist in the call-ace version. Bid wisely and earn many points or stay in the background and hope to upset the bid of a cocky player. The possibilities are endless.


Balloon is an entertaining game in which you pop balloons to collect enough birds in the right colours. You decide when you want a Jackpot Spin, this way you have an impact on the size of your own winnings.

Lotto Scratch

Lotto Scratch combines Lotto balls and scratch cards to a fun and tactical game. Use your Lotto balls to fill the holes on your cards to reveal different kinds of scratch cards. Scratch them and score as many points as possible!


Can you get rid of your bones first and prevent your opponents from getting rid of theirs? Play a classical game of Domino on Spigo or try the popular version with bonus points.


Draw letters and form words across and down in a crossword fashion. Each letter is worth a different number of points based on it's frequency in the English language. This game is very similar to Scrabble.


Try Spigo's exciting one-armed slot machine with up to 15 different pay lines! Activate secret mini-games and unlock the chest to get a Jackpot Spin.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is a game of patience in which you earn jewels. Collect enough, get 3 in a row and illuminate a square. When the board is illuminated you get a large jewel, which you'll need to get a Jackpot Spin.


Play the classic Backgammon, an exciting and strategic game. Will you be the first to get all of your 15 checkers off the board and win the game?


Can you beat your friends in Spigo's Rasuto? Be the first to get rid of all your cards and make sure that your opponents still have plenty of cards left in their hands.


Carrom is a funny classical game in which you pot small red and green pieces in holes placed in each of the four corners of the board.


21 is an exciting patience-like game where you form sums of 21 using special hexagonal cards. On some of the cards you'll find coloured stones. If you collect 6 different stones you get a jackpot Spin.


Play the popular and classic game of Chess on Spigo. Put your pieces in the right position and checkmate your opponent. The chess pieces show the possible moves so it's easy for everyone to play.

Moon Chess

Moon Chess is an exciting version of the classic chess game for 2-4 players. If you are tired of your opponents winning the games because of luck and coincidences then give Moon Chess a try.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is one of the world's most popular versions of poker. Try it here on Spigo! Will it be you who bluffs your way to the big pot?


Bring the banko hall into your own living room! Classic banko game with one row, two rows or a full card.


Choose between five exciting versions of Bingo. The numbers are read aloud automatically so that you can feel the cheerful atmosphere of a Bingo hall in your own living room.


Spin for numbers and jokers and use them to fill up your bingo cards. Are you crazy about Bingo? Do you have a lust for slot machines? Then Spingo is the right game for you!


Play the exciting board game Ludo with your Spigo friends. Will you be the first to get all your pieces into the finish area, or will your pieces be knocked home by the other players?


Yatzy is an addictive dice game that was invented by a Canadian couple in 1954. Play with 5 or 6 dice in the best looking version of Yatzy online!


Enter the jungle and become one with nature. Take pictures of the rare wildlife and overcome nature's obstacles to collect valuable treasures and win the jackpot.


Eat your way through loads of cheese while avoiding rampaging ghosts. Find bonus cheeses and eat the ghosts - find bonus fruits and win the jackpot!


Remove the three card pyramids in the top of the game area. Each time you remove all of the cards you receive a piece of Pharaoh's magical medallion. Collect all 5 pieces and you will get a Jackpot Spin.

World Tour

Travel through the world with World Tour and experience the slot machine changes the themes as you travel around the world. Collect souvenirs from every part of the world and get a Jackpot Spin.

Las Vegas

Build your own "Spigo Hotel" in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and watch your excited guests check in. Win Spigos on the slot machine and get a Jackpot Spin once your hotel has become the greatest in the city!


Spell your way to Spigos and make the rabbits of this amusing word game happy. If you are good and can manage to get the hot-air balloon to rise into the air, you'll get a Jackpot spin.


Mahjong is a Classical Chinese game where you have to remove tiles in pairs. There are many exciting levels for hours of entertainment.


Win Spigos by swapping and clearing the gleaming diamonds of Diamonds. You need to get three of a kind following each other in a row. Fill the hour glass with the magical sand to set off a Jackpot spin.

7 Solitaire

The classical 7 Solitaire. Bonus cards are hidden in the game, if you can find them a lot of Spigos will be coming your way! You release a Jackpot spin by solving the game of patience.


Solve the magical squares, rows and columns and win Spigos playing this exciting game. Solve the entire board and win a Jackpot spin. There are 10,000 different levels.
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